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2 October 2014

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Chocolate Fudge Sundae
24 February 2008

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Horseback Riders
15 September 2005

Recent Comments

Ralf Kesper on Lines
Well seen and captured. I like this a lot.

Existence Artistique on Lines
bien ces tuyaux

Existence Artistique on A Different Passing By . .

Existence Artistique on Being There
bien vu

Existence Artistique on Out There

Ralf Kesper on Out There
Sailing is a nice sports.

Existence Artistique on Over There

Devi on Loving Blue
an enchanting blue here !!!

Existence Artistique on Loving Blue

Dimitrios on Loving Blue

Ralf Kesper on Loving Blue
Definitly loving.

Existence Artistique on Stay in The Light
bien cette lumière

Existence Artistique on "Hello"

Devi on "Hello"
Aw!! This is cute !!!Wonderful crisp image with a nice watery backdrop!

Ralf Kesper on "Hello"
Hello funny stuff.

Existence Artistique on Town Hall Sleeps
intéressante lumière

Devi on Town Hall Sleeps
what a lovely night shot here !!!!!

Ralf Kesper on Town Hall Sleeps
Very good night shot.

Devi on Action !
wow...powerful throwing up of water !!! And a great capture ! Have a nice weekend A G :)))

Ralf Kesper on Action !
Race boat driving is funny.

Existence Artistique on Action !

Existence Artistique on On the Lake

Ralf Kesper on On the Lake
Nice place.

Existence Artistique on Fungus
bien vu

Ralf Kesper on Fungus
Autum and his mysterious foods.

Existence Artistique on Vacant
bien ce banc

Devi on Vacant
peaceful quiet spot here !!! A welcome seat!

Existence Artistique on Above, Below . .

Devi on Above, Below . .
Forgot to that lone bird !

Devi on Above, Below . .
wow...lovely capture !!!!!!

Existence Artistique on Sailing
intéressant ce bleu et ce ciel

Ralf Kesper on Sailing
I like that.

Existence Artistique on Old Water-Tower
bien vu

Ralf Kesper on Old Water-Tower
Nice and tiny for a water tower.

Existence Artistique on Self-Service

Libouton Martine on Self-Service
Hahaha très belle ta photo trop drôle

Ralf Kesper on Self-Service
I bit dangerious for him with his head inside of a plastic bag.

Existence Artistique on Dragonfly
bien les ailes

Existence Artistique on Rust Reflected
bien ce bidon

Existence Artistique on Gone Fishing

Existence Artistique on Passing By

Anne on Passing By

Existence Artistique on In The Mirror
bien vu

Existence Artistique on Water-Ski Gear

Libouton Martine on Water-Ski Gear
Un très beau cadrage j'aime

Existence Artistique on Visitors
belle complicité

Devi on Decoration
Well...customers will certainly walk in !! Have a nice weekend AG :)))

Existence Artistique on Decoration
belles couleurs

Ralf Kesper on Decoration
Nicely decorated.

Libouton Martine on Decoration
J'aime une belle photo !

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