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Cold Morning 2/8
25 January 2017

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16 November 2015

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2 October 2014

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Chocolate Fudge Sundae
24 February 2008

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Horseback Riders
15 September 2005

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on Composition by Nature
belle couleurs

beach on Composition by Nature
Lovely colour.

Devi on Composition by Nature
wow...a superb find and shot !!!! Great clarity :)

Devi on Progress . .
Beautiful capture !!!!!

Existence Artistique on Progress . .

Existence Artistique on Showy

Devi on Showy
Like velvet !! So pretty !

Olivier P on Determination 2/2
Nicely graphic !!! Well done !!!

Existence Artistique on Determination 2/2
bon travail

Devi on Determination 2/2
Beautiful...the outcome of determination... excellent capture !

omid on Determination 1/2
such beautiful frame, colors, graphics & details! lovely!

Existence Artistique on Determination 1/2
c'est une intéressante recherche

Devi on Determination 1/2
yes...stand up whatever be the circumstance :)))

ceteceva on Determination 1/2
Dans les interstices s'engouffrent les herbes folles !

Devi on No Title
Can sit here on the stump with a book and a packet of potato chips....for hours :)))Nice spot and image !

Existence Artistique on No Title
bien tronçé

Existence Artistique on Standing Tall

omid on Standing Tall
such beautiful composition, focus, colors & lights! Lovely!

Dimitrios on Standing Tall
simply LOVE IT

Devi on Standing Tall
what a lovely aesthetic shot !!!!

omid on Bush
Lovely lighting!

Existence Artistique on Bush
bien ce vert

Devi on Bush
looks very beautiful !!! thank you for this lovely mood !!!

Xavier on Still Emerging
Very nice with poetic qualities and gorgeous contrast of colours. Even sublime. Beautifulll.

Devi on Post Office Tower
May be adding some structure on top ? An impressive image !

Existence Artistique on Pinner Park Sculpture
intéressant résultat

Devi on Pinner Patk Sculpture
very beautifully worked wooden sculpture AG.Great details in wood! Thank you for sharing. I must get into Google search ...

Existence Artistique on Life Within 3
belle composition

omid on Life Within 3
L O V E L Y !

Devi on Life Within 3
This is an amazing shot !! Looks so full of love !

Existence Artistique on Life Within 2

Devi on Life Within 2
Gosh !! This is awesome !

Existence Artistique on Life Within 1
C'est du bon boulot et une intéressante recherche

Devi on Life Within 1
Everything will not be green always !!!Beautiful profound image !

Devi on Gathering Skies
Aw!! This is enchanting !!!! Sky filter ? It is in your own eyes AG :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Devi on Fungus
They look superb !!! Wonderful find and capture :)

Tataze on Fungus
ah un gros troupeau de champignons :)

omid on Determination
L O V E L Y !

Devi on Determination
That's okay AG...I am a great fan of yours:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Tataze on Determination
la force de vouloir mettre du beau même dans les recoins les plus inaccessibles.

Devi on Determination
Wow !! That's the spirit girl !! Rise and shine under all circumstances :))))

Devi on Powerhouse
wow...a superb stunning shot here ! Bravo !

Tataze on Sunday Squirrel
Very nice shot

Devi on Together
amazing pair ! Lovely blossoms :) Have a nice Sunday A G :)))

Devi on Impact
yes...they keep haunting you !!!!

Devi on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, . . .
Awesome curtain from nature :)))

Devi on Natural

Roland Theys on Still Emerging
Superbe photo!

omid on Still Emerging
such beautiful focus, colors, lights & details! lovely!

L'Angevine on Grass Invasion
oh magnifique

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