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2 October 2014

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Chocolate Fudge Sundae
24 February 2008

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Horseback Riders
15 September 2005

Recent Comments

Dreams come true on Happiness Awakes
Beautiful the purple crocuses.

Ralf Kesper on Happiness Awakes
Beautiful light in this image.

Ana Lúcia on Daffodils in The Rain
Beautifyl garden.

Existence Artistique on Daffodils in The Rain
bien réalisé

Devi on Daffodils in The Rain
Aw!! You are so right..Had they been vocal !!!

Libouton Martine on Daffodils in The Rain
Le printemps est bien là

Ralf Kesper on Daffodils in The Rain
Nice flowers in friendly colors.

Existence Artistique on Cross Now
bien vu sur les détails

Existence Artistique on To the Secret Garden
c'est une bonne recherche

Devi on To the Secret Garden
I love this image.. Alice must walked here..(Alice in Wonderland )

Ralf Kesper on To the Secret Garden
Nice image. The same weather like here since a lot of weeks :(

Existence Artistique on Horse-Guards London
intéressant travail sur ce cliché

Devi on Horse-Guards London
Love this architecture.....

Ralf Kesper on Horse-Guards London
Very nice Victiorian architecture.

Existence Artistique on Space
bien la descente

Devi on Space
Nice to see vast space..........................

Devi on The Door
you are a palace door that prevents an elephant army !

Existence Artistique on The Door
bien cette porte

Ralf Kesper on The Door
Simple and well. Like this toning and vignette style.

Existence Artistique on It Rained

Anna Cherer on It Rained
Beautiful rendering of rainy mood !

Ralf Kesper on It Rained
Nice view and cool effect.

Existence Artistique on Reaching Out

Devi on Reaching Out
This is beautiful..................................

Ralf Kesper on Reaching Out
Really pretty.

Existence Artistique on 'Is it Spring ?'

mohammad on 'Is it Spring ?'
These three white flowers with orange flags on the green grass, according to the question that the photographer has ...

Devi on 'Is it Spring ?'
Aw!! This is just lovely !! A poem from your lens !!! Love the title too!

Existence Artistique on A Burst of Green

Devi on A Burst of Green
Indeed !! A burst of green !! A splash of green !!!

Existence Artistique on Blue
beau bleu

Ralf Kesper on Blue
I like this warm light in this image.

Existence Artistique on The Falls

Existence Artistique on My Favorite Corner

Devi on Gold
Excellent !!!!!!

Existence Artistique on Gold
bien ces tiges

Devi on Awake for Spring . .
Lovely.. Looking forward to see the new small leaves !!

beach on Awake for Spring . .
A sign of hope

Dimitrios on Awake for Spring . .

Dreams come true on Awake for Spring . .
Beautiful close up.

Libouton Martine on Awake for Spring . .
C'est très beau ! j'aime

Ralf Kesper on Awake for Spring . .
Good macro!

Existence Artistique on Awake for Spring . .
beau jaune

Existence Artistique on A Certain Style

Harry on Pipework
interesting angles - nicely seen

Existence Artistique on Pipework
intéressant rendu

Existence Artistique on Looking Through . .

Ralf Kesper on Looking Through . .
Top composed picture!

Devi on Getting Noticed
ah!! as if a checkered flag has been laid out here !! All we need is Michael Schumaker..Poor guy..hope he recovers soon ...

Devi on A touch of the 1930's . .
It does look imposing!! But I love independent homes...even if they are small!

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