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Cold Morning 2/8
25 January 2017

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16 November 2015

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2 October 2014

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Chocolate Fudge Sundae
24 February 2008

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Horseback Riders
15 September 2005

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on Early Morning
bien ce rendu

Existence Artistique on Sunday Lunch

Jaya on Willow Curtain
beauty !

Existence Artistique on Willow Curtain
bien ces lianes vertes

Devi on Willow Curtain
what an awesome image here !! Fantastic capture.. Have a nice weekend AG :)

Existence Artistique on In Step, Step, Step

Devi on In Step, Step, Step
Nice image behind the twig curtain !

Existence Artistique on Trees 3/3

Devi on Trees 3/3
Wow...The flowers are paying obeisance to this Royal Tree King :))))

Existence Artistique on Trees 2/3

Devi on Trees 2/3
Nice to see this huge tree branching into three:)

Existence Artistique on Trees 1/3
superbe cette recherche

Existence Artistique on Self-Service

Devi on Self-Service
Aw!! He has a veritable feast served here ! Superb capture :))))))))))))))

Existence Artistique on Awakening . .
oh excellent

Devi on Awakening . .
What a lovely splash here !

Eye for Beauty on Hello !

omid on Hello !
very nice shot! Lovely!

Dimitrios on Hello !
hello, you look great little flower

Existence Artistique on Hello !

ceteceva on Hello !
Très belle !

Existence Artistique on Garden Tap

Devi on Garden Tap
yes .....refreshing indeed..I am thirsty all of a sudden ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Existence Artistique on Down the Drain

Devi on Down the Drain
Not has some plants around too :)

Existence Artistique on Unexpected
belle vache rouge

Devi on Unexpected
wonderful :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Impressive !

Existence Artistique on Patriot
oh génial la tenue

Existence Artistique on Touched By Time
bien la flèche

Devi on Touched By Time
Still charming to see:))))

Existence Artistique on Butterfly

Devi on Butterfly
A fabulous capture of this elusive butterfly :))))))))))))))))))))

Devi on Sculpture
But you have caught it in a fantastic angle ! Bravo ! Have a nice weekend AG :)

Existence Artistique on Sculpture
oh génial sous ce cadrage

Existence Artistique on Life's Journey
beau travail

Devi on Life's Journey
Lovely :))))))))))))))))))

Existence Artistique on Definitely Green

Devi on Definitely Green
simply gorgeous with ll those water droplets !

Existence Artistique on Chocolates

Devi on Chocolates
Gosh !! Don't tell me you ate all the chocolates AG !!!!! Aw!! You could have let two for me :))))))))))))))))

omid on Bark 2/2
Lovely textures & colors.

Existence Artistique on Bark 2/2

Devi on Bark 2/2
Amazing !

Eye for Beauty on Bark

Devi on Bark
Yes...and admire the shapes and sizes :)))

Existence Artistique on Bark

Dimitrios on Blues
love the BLUES

Devi on Blues
Lovely shot.. Anemone nemorosa Royal Blue...Google search says it is a lovely Spring Flower :)

Devi on Feeling the Cold
aw!! The " Brave Heart." :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Anne on Feeling the Cold
Surprinsing resistance!

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